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Designed to gently transition children from home to school, our program encourages exploration, cooperative learning, order, a sense of community among children and the opportunity for toddlers to become increasingly independent. Care for self and care of environment are stressed during lessons on practical life and daily living. The Toddler classroom is carefully planned to meet the needs of young children, organized for the toddler's convenience with freedom of choice and movement. Practical Life exercises such as sweeping, grasping, washing, pouring, buttoning, and table setting are introduced early. Lessons of grace and courtesy are practiced daily to help toddlers learn to share things and to be considerate of others. Another characteristic of the toddler class is the range of manipulative exercise, which includes knobbed puzzles, bead stringing, and other basic Montessori sensorial materials. These are designed to heighten the child's senses and are unique to the Montessori method.

(ages 12 months to 3 years)


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