The Primary classroom is furnished with scientifically designed materials that impart all the basic concepts of language, math, science, botany, zoology, and cultural subjects like music, physical education, art, Spanish, sign language, yoga and gardening. Montessori-trained teachers arrange the materials in five core curriculum areas and all lessons are presented one-on-one by the teacher to a child: Practical Life Exercises,Sensory Exercises, Literacy Activities, Mathematics Activities, and Cultural Subjects. Each child freely selects materials from any of these five areas. By carefully observing each child, the teacher determines an individual's needs, then suggests specific Montessori materials to aid each child's growth based on interest and readiness. Constantly alert to the developmental nuances of each child, the teacher adjusts the classroom environment accordingly, allowing each child to learn at her own pace.


(ages 3 years to 6 years)